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The Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce proposes a new referendum (The Small Business Liberty Act) to the state legislature which will decriminalize possession of up to one ounce for personal use. It also provides more licenses, lowers excise taxes and better regulation which means safer, more consistent and reliable products.

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The Small Business Liberty Act

 Small Business Liberty Act ReferendumSmart and Safe Arizona Initiative
Increase in LicensesAdds 125 licenses: 100 retail and 25 craft production.Adds 26 licenses for social equity and back fills empty counties to 2 licenses.
Cost of Converting a MMJ License to an Adult Use License$100,000Maximum of $25,000
Funding Program Start Up CostsAuction of 25 licenses plus loaned funds from Medical Marijuana Fund.Funds transferred from the Medical Marijuana Fund.
Rural AccessDedicates 25 licenses for cities or towns 25 miles from an existing dispensary.Only fills counties with less than two licenses. Rural cities or towns with no dispensary, but two licenses in the county will be left with no dispensary.
Retail Store Size Limitation25 auction licenses can be 10,000 square feet for retail. All other retail licenses limited to 2,500 square feet.No limits on size of retail location.
Departmental OversightBoard of Liquor ControlAZDHS
Product TestingRefers back to testing legislation passed in 2019 by the Arizona State Legislature (SB1494).Bypasses current testing guidelines and does not eliminate the opportunity for dispensaries to own the testing facilities.
Excise TaxThe intent is to be below 16%, however, this is left open ended and to be discussed and determined by the legislature.16% of sale price on top of existing sales tax.
Allocation of Excise TaxTo be determined by the legislature or the Board of Liquor Control.Allocated by the initiative itself.
Medical Marijuana FundFunds loaned to Board of Liquor Control for five years with the intent of funding initial start up until tax revenues can pay for program oversight.Allocated to various entities by the initiative. NO REPAYMENT.
Workplace SafetyEnsures that all licensed companies adhere to workplace safety laws.Does not discuss the issue.
Less CashEncourages the board to adopt regulations relating to electronic payment option.No discussion on this topic.

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